Managing waste wisely

Easter Waste Wise Tips

Like Christmas, Easter can be a time of over-indulgence. Follow our simple tips to avoid the ‘egg-cess’ and have an an ‘egg-cellent’ Easter without the waste!



Avoid the commerciality of the season. Make memories, not waste this Easter.

Avoid eggs packaged in plastic. Opt for foil instead.

Avoid buying plastic decor. MYO decorations, Easter baskets, and Easter treats.

If dying real eggshells, avoid food waste and use the discarded eggs in your cooking.



Less packaging is always better than more. When it comes to Easter treats, it’s what’s inside that counts!

Reduce food waste – think portion size and cater accordingly.

Make the most of your leftovers too, saving waste and money.


Reuse / Repurpose

Reuse last year’s Easter decorations.

If making ‘new’ decorationsreuse products, materials and packaging you already own or hunt for some bargains at your local op-shop.

Repurpose decorative Easter boxes,  or upcycle fruit punnets, egg cartons, baskets or even old milk cartons  to package Easter treats.

You can even repurpose the moulded plastic from Easter egg packaging to make your own Easter eggs!



If you have to throw packaging away, check out our simple infographic to help you put your unavoidable waste in the right place and increase our recycling rates.

Easter packaging

What bin does it go in?

Aluminium foil Roll ball the size of your fist before recycling in your yellow-lidded recycling bin.
Lolly wrappers, ‘fake foil’ If the foil doesn’t scrunch, it’s plastic foil and needs to be thrown in your red-lidded bin.
Hard plastic moulded  inserts Keep as moulds for MYO Easter eggs or recycle in your yellow-lidded bin.
Cardboard box Separate the plastic film from the box (if present) and recycle both separately in your yellow-lidded bin.

Low-waste Easter treat ideas

Get your bake on!

Buy plain chocolate in bulk, melt and set in silicone / repurposed moulded plastic Easter packaging.

Get the kids involved and make Easter-themed biscuits.

MYO Hot Cross Buns. There’s a recipe for every taste. Why not try these yeast-free, gluten-free options?

Make Easter-themed cupcakes and decorate with treats from your local bulk food store.

Make bliss balls Easter-themed by rolling in chocolate! Spiced carrot cake chocolate truffle, anyone?

Need more Inspiration? 

See our Resources and Fact-Sheets page for more waste wise tips for low waste living.