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How to repair

Don’t despair – repair! Keep your favourite clothes, shoes and household items in use for longer by learning to fix them yourself or outsourcing to a pro.

Where to repair

  • Try your local Repair Lab or Repair Café – their helpful volunteers can fix all sorts of items and can even teach you the skills to do it yourself. Check their social media for upcoming events.
  • For clothing that’s seen better days, an alterations shop can help with rips, broken zippers, hems, and other adjustments. Popular local services include Darn-It in Claremont and Be Loved Alterations in Subiaco. Many dry cleaning businesses will also provide an alterations service.
  • A cobbler can replace the heels and soles of those well-loved shoes – find one at a kiosk in a shopping centre near you.
  • For minor bike repairs and check-ups, you might find a free bike repair station at a local market or council event – keep an eye on what’s coming up. For bigger or more urgent fixes, ask your local bike shop what they offer.


There’s a world of resources out there to help you learn to fix your favourite items for free. Learn how to sew on a button, or make your clothes truly one-of-a-kind with visible mending. The Modern Mending Club Facebook group is a great resource for ideas and inspiration.


Improve your skills and confidence in tackling your own repairs with online or in-person classes. Studio Thimbles in Subiaco offers sewing courses and one-off workshops for complete beginners and up.