Managing waste wisely

WMRC Waste Watchers

The WMRC Waste Watchers Program provides a collection of webinars, workshops and up-skilling events designed to help you live a low-waste, sustainable life.

Whether you are just starting out, or are a ‘seasoned low-waster’, the Waste Watchers Program can support YOU on your journey. Click here for upcoming webinars or workshops. Click below to view our recent webinars or visit our YouTube Channel:


What can you expect from the Waste Watchers Program?

  • Short, engaging and interactive sessionsa WMRC Waste Survey conducted in 2018 indicated that residents want to create less waste, but find it tricky and time-consuming. Taking these factors into consideration, the WMRC now offers one-off webinars and workshops designed to meet you where your are at on your waste-less journey. Do one workshop. Do them all. The choice is yours.   
  • Introductory workshops – Our ‘Create Less Waste’ workshops offer an introduction into the world of waste and how to minimise your impact. Take a (metaphorical) deep dive into a wheelie bin and find out what happens to your waste and recycling after it has been collected from the kerb.
  • Follow-on workshops – Our ‘Beyond the Bins’ workshops aim to expand your knowledge and understanding of waste terminology, green-cleaning, smarter shopping and avoiding food waste. Ideally suited to residents who have done the ‘Create Less Waste’ workshop or have a basic understanding of waste and recycling .
  • Facility tours – at various times of the year, facility tours are offered to residents. See where waste and recycling goes after it has been collected from your kerbside and what happens to it. Subscribe to be notified of upcoming tours.
  • Expert advice – speak to the experts and get all your waste and recycling questions answered, plus find out where you can go to access more information.
  • Networking opportunities – meet like-minded people in your local community wanting to meet their waste reduction goals.
  • Ongoing support – join our closed Waste Watchers Volunteer Group for ongoing support and invitations to special waste reduction events. It is also a great forum to share ideas and help shape the future content of Waste Watchers sessions.
  • Tailored  Waste Watchers Workshops for your local school or community group – to better support the needs of your local community, we can run Waste Watchers Workshops for adults directly to your school or community group, if located within one of our Member Councils. Please get in touch if this is of interest.

Who is the target audience for the Waste Watchers Program?

The material covered in Waste Watchers Workshops is ideally suited to adults.

What do Waste Watchers Workshops cost?

Most face-to-face workshops cost $5 + Eventbrite fee and include light refreshments. Most of our webinars are FREE!

Want to know more?

To be informed of upcoming workshops or to keep up to date with what’s on in waste, subscribe to our Word on Waste e-newsletter, follow us on Facebook or Eventbrite.

If you have a tricky recycling question, call the experts on the Recycling Hotline (08) 9384 6711

The WMRC is proudly supported by its Member Councils: Town of Mosman ParkCity of SubiacoTown of CottesloeTown of Claremont and Shire of Peppermint Grove, and has recently been joined by the Town of Cambridge as a Participating Council.