Managing waste wisely

WMRC Low-waste workshops

The WMRC provides workshops, tours, and webinars designed to help you and your family live a low-waste, sustainable life.

Making beeswax wraps at a WMRC workshop

Whether you are just starting out, or are a ‘seasoned low-waster’, the WMRC low-waste workshops are a lot of fun and can help you with reducing the waste produced by your household. Click here for upcoming events.

What we offer:

  • Short, engaging and interactive sessionsa WMRC Waste Survey conducted in 2018 indicated that residents want to create less waste, but find it tricky and time-consuming. Taking these factors into consideration, the WMRC now offers one-off workshops and tours designed to support you in your low waste lifestyle.
  • Themed workshops – We run themed low-waste workshops throughout the year to share key skills such as composting, avoiding single use plastic smarter shopping and using reusable nappies.
  • Facility tours – Tours of waste management facilities around Perth are offered to residents. These include food rescue organisations, e-waste recyclers, plastic recyclers, yellow-bin recycling facilities and more. Subscribe to be notified of upcoming tours.
  • Expert advice – speak to the experts and get all your waste and recycling questions answered.
  • Networking opportunities – meet like-minded people in your local community wanting to meet their waste reduction goals.
  • Online learning – watch the WMRC online module series to learn how to manage your waste wisely.
  • Tailored workshops for your local school or community group – if you’re from one of our Member Councils, we can run Waste Workshops or talks for adults tailored to your needs. Please contact us to discuss.

Community members wearing hi-vis vests take a tour of CLAW - a plastic recycling facility

Who is the target audience for waste workshops?

Tours and workshops are suited to adults. Family-friendly workshops will be advertised as such.

What’s the cost?

Most face-to-face workshops cost $5 + Eventbrite fee and include light refreshments.

Want to know more?

To be informed of upcoming workshops or to keep up to date with what’s on in waste, subscribe to our Word on Waste e-newsletter and follow us on Facebook or Eventbrite.

If you have a tricky recycling question, call the experts on the Recycling Hotline (08) 9384 6711

The WMRC is proudly supported by its member councils: Town of Mosman ParkCity of SubiacoTown of CottesloeTown of Claremont and Shire of Peppermint Grove, and participating councils Town of Cambridge and City of Nedlands.