Managing waste wisely

Donate your old towels and sheets for our furry friends

Got towels and sheets that aren’t quite good enough for the op-shop? We’re now collecting them at the West Metro Recycling Centre!

We often get questions about what to do with old textiles – particularly items that aren’t fit for resale at an op-shop. So we’ve brought in two new collection bins for your preloved towels, tea towels, bath mats and flat sheets, which will be donated to our neighbours in Shenton Park, the Cat Haven and Dogs’ Refuge Home.

If donated to an op-shop, textiles that aren’t in a saleable condition are likely to be exported or even sent to landfill. Gifting your tired towels to our four-legged friends is a great way to give them another use – both the Cat Haven and Dogs’ Refuge Home are always in need of these items to keep their cats and dogs safe and comfortable.

We accept towels, tea towels, sheets (not fitted) and bath mats. Please, nothing with stuffing!

Please note, we cannot accept items not on this list. The Cat Haven and Dogs’ Refuge Home will not be able to use pillows, quilts, sleeping bags or any items with stuffing. All items placed in the bins should be clean (not soiled) and functional.

If you have other pet products to donate, such as food, litter or toys, take them straight to the Cat Haven or Dogs’ Refuge Home – both are just down the road on Lemnos St.

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