Managing waste wisely

Recycle your small plastic lids at the West Metro Recycling Centre

Wondering what to do with those pesky plastic lids that can’t go in your recycling bin?

It’s free to drop them off at the West Metro Recycling Centre to be recycled into new plastic products!

bin for recycling small plastic lids

What happens to the lids?

The lids are collected by CLAW Environmental, a local recycling company that specialises in recycling polystyrene, plastic plant pots and much more. The collected plastics are shredded, granulated, washed and pelletised to use in the manufacture of new goods.

Plastic lid criteria

  • Plastic lids up to 10cm diameter
  • Clean – all contamination removed
  • Any colour
  • No breadtags please – visit Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs for drop-off locations.


What if I can’t get to the Recycling Centre?

Small plastic lids from refundable containers can also be taken to your local Containers for Change depot when you drop off your eligible empties.

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