Managing waste wisely

Saving money together

Perth’s western suburbs are home to many small local councils supporting a diverse range of communities.

Compared to the bigger metropolitan councils like Wanneroo, Stirling or Joondalup which have populations of 150,000 people or higher, our smaller councils typically have fewer than 10,000 residents. This means they just don’t have the same purchasing power when it comes to providing community services.

That’s unless councils get together to bring savings to their residents through a shared services model. That’s exactly why the WMRC exists. We manage waste services on behalf of residents across council boundaries, while providing a local drop off centre in Shenton Park, and innovative solutions such as Verge ValetTM.

Residents and ratepayers have a strong voice in the way we operate, with our member councils appointing councillors to the WMRC to govern the organisation, including setting our strategy and budget. This is a great example of small councils working together effectively. Visit to find out more about our local waste services you can access today.

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