Managing waste wisely

The WMRC Now Accepts Cooking Oil for Recycling!

Specialist cooking oil recycling is just another free service offered by the WMRC to help its residents manage their waste wisely.

WMRC Member and Participating Council residents can now drop their old cooking oil at the West Metro Recycling Centre for FREE, thanks to a new partnership with Auscol!

What will my old cooking oil be used for?

Auscol can recycle your old oil into agriculture food in Australia and biofuel.

What’s in and what’s out?

Plant based oils are in and animal fats are out. See table for examples:

Accepted – plant based oils, including:

Not accepted

Vegetable Animal Fats (they solidify on cooling)
Olive (including blends)
Sesame seed

How much cooking oil do you accept?

Household quantities <20L are accepted. Contact us for where to take commercial quantities.

What about animal fats?

Allow it to solidify before scraping into a glass (NOT plastic) container and place into your red-lidded general waste bin. NEVER pour any fats or vegetable cooking oils  down your kitchen drain as they can cause fatbergs and damage drain pipes.

More info?

Call the Recycling Hotline 9384 6711.

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