Managing waste wisely

WMRC now offers plastic plant pot recycling!

Plastic pot recycling

Member and participating council residents can now drop off their empty plastic plant pots for FREE at the West Metro Recycling Centre.

Plastic plant pots are not recycled through kerbside collection. Dropping them off at the West Metro Recycling Centre saves them from landfill and allows them to be recycled into new products like crates, pots, compost bins, garden edging, irrigation fittings, building panels and much more!

√ What’s in

x What’s out

Plastic plant pots with the #5 plastic resin code on it. Please knock the loose dirt out.

Crinkly seedling trays

The plastic pots will be collected by Claw Environmental for recycling. The recycling process involves shredding, granulating, washing and pelletising, which converts the old plastic into a form that can be re-used to make new goods.

The West Metro Recycling Centre is open every day until 4pm.Click here to see an accepted list of recyclable items that can be dropped off for free.


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