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WMRC’s new cardboard compactor to squash 7,200km fuel emissions a year

Claremont resident feeding cardboard into cardboard compactor

WMRC’s new cardboard compactor is set to reduce 7,200km of truck traffic and fuel emissions per year, while recycling more cardboard.

The compactor’s ability to compress bulky cardboard increases storage and transport capacity six-fold, reducing cardboard recycling trips by approximately 80%. The compactor also keeps the cardboard clean and dry, making it a more valuable commodity than wet cardboard.

“Cardy, our new cardboard compactor is a cost-saving, environmentally-responsible addition to the West Metro Recycling Centre.” WMRC CEO Stefan Frodsham said.

“Before we had Cardy, we were on the road 10-12 times a month, transporting 1 tonne of carboard per visit to a recycling facility in Landsdale – that’s a 60km round trip each time.”

“Now, we can transport 6.5 Tonnes of cardboard at once, reducing the number of trips to 2-4 a month, and it only needs to go around the corner to Osborne Park.”

“The old open cardboard storage system also meant that we often transported wet cardboard, which weighed more, but was worth less. Now, the cardboard stays clean and dry, increasing its recycling value.”

WMRC Member and Participating Council residents can bring their cardboard to the West Metro Recycling Centre for free and ‘feed’ it to Cardy. Just look out for the big blue compactor when you next visit the West Metro Recycling Centre.  More details at or call the Recycling Hotline 9384 6711.

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