Managing Waste Wisely.

Resources & Fact Sheets

Please refer to our fact sheets below. More are on the way…

Managing waste wisely:

Brochure – Are you a Three Bin Superhero?

Factsheet – Waste Avoidance

Waste Matters for Local Government

Reducing food waste:

Factsheet – How to Avoid Food Waste

Factsheet – How to Compost

Factsheet – Composting Options (Bokashi, DIY Compost bins and Dog Poo Composting)

Factsheet – How to Worm Farm

Reducing plastic and packaging:

Factsheet – How to Green Clean

Factsheet – How to Reduce Food Packaging

Factsheet – Make Your Own Cosmetics

Recycling garden waste

Garden Mulch FAQ’s

Waste Activity Days

School Waste Activity Day Information Sheet