Managing Waste Wisely.

What waste goes where?

Do you know what to do with your waste?

We get it. Working out what waste goes where can be difficult.

The good news is that we can help you put your waste in the right place. Let’s start with your three kerbside bins.

Garden Organics (green lid)

Small branches <1m
Grass clippings
Cut flowers
Common weeds

Garden vegetation and lawn clippings. Nothing else!

Recycling (yellow lid)

Aluminum and steel cans – clean and empty
Glass bottles and jars – clean and empty
Paper – not shredded
Plastic bottles and containers – clean and empty (lids off)

If in doubt, leave it out!


General Waste (red lid)

food scraps
soft plastics
non-recyclable food packaging
meat trays
polystyrene food packaging
disposable coffee cups
broken crockery
broken toys
old toothbrushes
used band-aids and cotton buds
disposable/ compostable/biodegradable cutlery

No batteries, electronic waste or aerosols – drop off at the West Metro Recycling Centre for FREE!

But my waste item isn’t listed above?

Visit the Recycle Right A-Z Directory  online or download the Recycle Right app to help you put your waste in the right place!

If it can’t go in my kerbside bin, where can it go?

If it’s too good to throw away, gift it, sell it or fix it.

Quality used items including furniture, toys, clothing, sports equipment, bric-a-brac and books can all be donated. Some charities even offer a free collection service for bulky items. Try these local free services:




Gumtree anything for sale or free-listing Pick up
Buy Nothing Facebook Groups anything Pick up
Save the Children Book Bazaar books – no text books or magazines Drop off
Paraquad Industries all household goods, furniture, books, clothes, bric a brac Drop off / home collection
Dismantle bikes Drop off
FairGame sports equipment Drop off
GiveWrite stationery – see accepted items Drop off
Givit household – match individual to item required Pick up or drop -off
Garage Sale Trail register to hold a garage sale for any items you wish to sell / give away Nil
Repair Lab
Repair Cafe
learn how to fix broken items Take item to local Repair Cafe / Lab

Take it to the West Metro Recycling Centre.

The West Metro Recycling Centre is your one-stop shop for many items that can’t go in our kerbside bin. Open 7 days a week till 4pm, *Member and Participating Council residents can drop off many items for free.  An entry fee is payable for non-Member Council residents.

Item that can’t go in kerbside bin

Where can I take it?


Household Hazardous Waste – including aerosols, pesticides, etc West Metro Recycling Centre Free
E-waste – computer and electrical equipment West Metro Recycling Centre Free
Problematic waste – including asbestos, refrigerated appliances, tyres, mattresses and bed bases West Metro Recycling Centre Fees apply
Construction and demolition waste West Metro Recycling Centre Fees apply
Greenwaste West Metro Recycling Centre Fees apply
Bulk waste West Metro Recycling Centre Fees apply
Polystyrene-bulk West Metro Recycling Centre Free*
Stationery West Metro Recycling Centre Free*
Bikes West Metro Recycling Centre Free
Sports equipment West Metro Recycling Centre Free*
Quality clothing Paraquad Industries Free
Bric-a-brac – including furniture, books Paraquad Industries Free
Scrap metal – including old washing machines, tumble dryers and hot water systems West Metro Recycling Centre Free*

Book Verge Valet

Are you a Cambridge, Cottesloe, Mosman Park or Peppermint Grove resident? If so, you can get rid of your unwanted bulk verge or greenwaste by booking Verge Valet!  Find out more about this new booked bulk verge and greenwaste collection service here.

How can I reduce my waste?

There are plenty of resources available to help you reduce your waste:

  • Sign up for one of our Waste Watchers Workshops and we’ll help you drop a bin size
  • Do our online modules and become more waste wise with Billy
  • Download one of our handy factsheets on composting, reducing packaging, avoiding food waste and more
  • Sign up to our monthly Word on Waste newsletter
  • Join our Facebook or Instagram Community and stay up to date with the latest news on waste.
  • Visit the Waste Sorted website and find out how you can be a GREAT Sort.

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