Battery Recycling Programme

The WMRC's Battery Recycling Programme collects used household batteries (A, AA, AAA, C, D, button, 9V and 6V) and sends them for recycling.

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 Types of Batteries Accepted

► Battery Drop-off Locations

► The Benefits of Battery Recycling

► More Information on Battery Recycling (including information for businesses)

Types of batteries accepted:

  • AA and AAA cells (single use & rechargeable batteries)
  • C and D sized batteries
  • Button batteries (e.g. from watches)
  • 9V batteries
  • 6V batteries (e.g. lantern/torch batteries)

Battery Drop-off Locations

There are a number of convenient battery drop-off locations across Perth's western suburbs. Click here to find them.

The Benefits of Battery Recycling

Household batteries contain metals such as zinc, manganese and steel which, like many natural resources, are found in limited supply. Separating batteries for recycling reduces the incidence of these valuable metals ending their life in landfill.

More Information on Battery Recycling

Visit our Earth Carers battery recycling page and find out how individuals, schools and businesses can become battery recyclers!