Managing waste wisely

A-Z Guide: What Waste Goes Where

Recycle Right and Western Metropolitan Regional Council working together to help you manage your waste wisely

Do you  know what waste goes where?

Listen to WMRC Marketing and Communications Manager Libby Eustance talk through some common recycling dilemmas and how to recycle right.


Recycle Right has created a convenient and comprehensive A-Z guide outlining the most responsible ways to dispose of popular household items to increase resource recovery, while also reducing what we send to landfill. Follow this guide when you’re unsure of where to put or take your waste, so we can all recycle right!

If you have a 3-bin GO system, click on the image to download a printable version or go to Recycle Right for more recycling tips.

09/11/2022 – Unfortunately, REDcycle has had to cease operations. Please put soft plastics in your general waste bin instead. We will provide any updates as we receive them. You can read more information here.

Recycle Right A-Z Recycling and Disposal Guide

If you have a 3-bin FOGO system, click here for an A-Z Guide of what goes where.