Managing waste wisely

Container Deposit Scheme

Launched in October 2020, the Containers for Change Scheme allows you to return eligible drink containers to authorised Refund Points for cash.

Coordinated by WARRRL, this statewide scheme aims to increase recycling and reduce litter in the environment associated with drink containers.

√ What’s accepted?

× What’s not accepted?

Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard beverage containers between 150ml and 3L. View entire accepted list at Containers for Change.

Bottles that contained wine or spirits, casks, plain milk containers, any milk or juice container >1L , concentrated/undiluted cordial or syrup containers and more. View entire unaccepted list at Containers for Change.

Where is my nearest Refund Point?

Return-IT Depot located at Paraquad Industries,
Orton Road, Shenton Park
Tel: 9381 0111

See the Containers for Change site map for other Refund Point locations.

Want to be a GREAT Sort ?

You can recycle more than your containers at Paraquad Industries!  You can also drop off pre-loved quality clothing, books, furniture, working electrical appliances and bric-a-brac. Your donations to Paraquad not only support the circular economy, they also create employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

I want to get rid of my containers but don’t want a refund.

Easy! The WMRC is supporting Paraquad Industries for better returns by accepting donations of eligible containers at the West Metro Recycling Centre. These donated containers will be collected by Paraquad for processing, and proceeds will go to supporting people living with disabilities. Please note that no refunds will be given by the West Metro Recycling Centre.

Alternatively, you can continue to recycle containers suitable for kerbside recycling via your yellow-lidded bin. Please note that tetra-paks cannot be recycled via kerbside recycling.