Managing waste wisely

Recycle Only These 5 in your Yellow-Lidded Bin

Do you recycle right?

What’s in?

Only these 5

Only put paper, cardboard, plastic containers, glass containers and cans into your yellow lidded bin. Make sure they are rinsed, loose and the lids are off.

The five recyclables in more detail:

Why recycle?

When we recycle right, items can be turned into new products:

  • Plastic bottles become bathers, beanies and benches.
  • Cans become cars.
  • Glass bottles and jars become road base.
  • Paper and cardboard become toilet paper!

What’s Out?

Everything else. That includes plastic bottle lids.

Make sure you Recycle Right.

Common recycling bin contaminants

Keep these items out of  your recycling bin

What to do instead

Aerosols Drop off for free at the West Metro Recycling Centre as part of Household Hazardous Waste program.
Disposable coffee cups or lids Put in your general waste bin. Avoid the waste by taking your own reusable cup.
Food scraps Put in your FOGO bin if you have one, or compost the plant-based ones. Otherwise, all scraps can go in your red-lidded general waste bin.
The same applies to greasy cardboard food containers.
Plastic bags and soft plastics Due to the suspension of REDcycle activities in November 2022, we advise residents to stop separating soft plastics and put them in your general waste bin instead.
Plastic bottle lids Plastic bottle lids are too small to be recycled through kerbside collection. Drop off at the West Metro Recycling Centre or take them to your local Containers for Change depot when you drop off your eligible drink containers.
Polystyrene Put polystyrene food containers in your general waste bin. Take bulk polystyrene to the West Metro Recycling Centre for free.

Free bin sticker to help you recycle right!

Available to Member or Participating Council residents. Simply drop us a line, call in to our admin office or call the Recycling Hotline on 9384 6711.

recycle right by recyling just these 5
Want to recycle right? This bin sticker can help you put waste in the right place.


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