Managing waste wisely

Asbestos Disposal

The West Metro Recycling Centre accepts asbestos for disposal for a fee.

Asbestos Disposal Requirements

Given its capacity to cause significant harm to human and environmental health, the West Metro Recycling Centre will only accept asbestos prepared as follows:  

  • Cement-bonded only. Fibrous loose asbestos is not accepted and must only be handled by a licensed asbestos contractor.
  • Wetted down before being wrapped.
  • Double-wrapped in heavy duty (200 microns) builder’s plastic (polyethylene) and sealed with strong duct tape. Asbestos will not be accepted if wrapped in bin liners.
  • Only 1 sheet of asbestos per package. Smaller pieces of asbestos cement should also be double bagged in heavy duty (200 microns) builder’s plastic.
  • Double-wrap contaminated tools and materials too.
  • Apply asbestos-warning stickers to the packages, or clearly label the packages as ‘ASBESTOS WASTE’ using a permanent marker pen.
  • Package asbestos  so that it can be lifted – customers will be required to unload the asbestos by hand onto a pallet or into a skip bin under the supervision of WMRC staff, taking care not to damage the wrapping.

Further info

Visit the Asbestos Safety & Eradication Agency.

Failure to comply with these requirements for presenting asbestos will be recorded and may be reported to the relevant authorities. Improperly disposing of asbestos is an offence under the Controlled Waste Regulations and breaches may attract a fine.