Managing waste wisely

Construction and Demolition Waste

Recycle your construction & demolition waste with us!

Did you know up to 75% of construction and demolition waste can be recycled? And now you can recycle it at competitive rates at the West Metro Recycling Centre!

What construction and demolition waste is accepted for recycling?

  • Sand and Rubble (not soil)
  • Concrete
  • Precast concrete
  • Bricks, pavers and tiles
  • Asphalt

What does it cost?

Recyclable construction and demolition waste is cheaper to dispose of than standard bulk waste (accepted C&D waste only). Member Council* residents pay $66 per tonne, Participating Council** residents pay $75 per tonne and Commercial customers and non-member councils pay $90 per tonne.

What about construction waste not listed above?

Construction waste not listed above is accepted at the West Metro Recycling Centre, but is subject to our bulk waste charges – see our full range of fees and charges here.

More info?

Download our Construction & Demolition Waste brochure here or call the Recycling Hotline on 9384-6711.

*Member Councils: Town of CottesloeTown of Claremont, Town of Mosman ParkShire of Peppermint Grove and City of Subiaco.

**Participating Council: Town of Cambridge