Managing waste wisely

General Household Bulk Waste

General Household Bulk Waste is any solid waste that isn’t suitable or doesn’t fit in your kerbside recycling or landfill bin, including sand and rubble. It does not include liquid waste or putrescible waste*

For a fee, you can dispose of your solid waste at the West Metro Recycling Centre. The fee charged will depend on the type and weight of waste being disposed of. Some residents from some Member Councils and our Participating Council are entitled to a Waste Pass, which offers a reduction on fees for disposing green waste or bulk waste.

*Please note: Liquid waste or hazardous waste cannot be accepted as General Household Waste, but domestic quantities of certain items can be dropped off for free. See our Household Hazardous Waste page for further information.

Questions? Contact the Recycling Hotline: (08) 9384 6711 or drop us a line.