Managing waste wisely

Specialist Recycling

The  West Metro Recycling Centre accepts the following items that should never be placed in your kerbside bin. Some can be dropped off for free and some require a fee.


Why can’t I put it in my bin?

Can I drop it off for free or does it cost?

Aerosols Flammable. Can cause truck fires and injury. FREE
Asbestos Can cause significant harm to human and environmental health. Needs careful preparation before it can be dropped off at the Recycling Centre. Click for fees and charges
Batteries Flammable. Can cause truck fires. FREE
Computer and electrical goods Contains metals and chemicals that are toxic to the environment. FREE
Fire extinguishers Needs careful handling. Can explode and cause injury. Visit our fees and charges for costs.
Flares Needs careful handling. Can explode and cause injury. FREE
Globes & Fluorescents Contain heavy metals that cause environmental contamination FREE
Mattresses Problematic in landfill. Up to 75% of the components are recyclable if taken to the West Metro Recycling Centre or Soft Landing. Prices start from $40. Click for fees and charges
Tyres Can be recycled into new products Click for fees and charges
Paint, chemicals and pesticides Harmful to pets and the environment if landfilled. Click Household Hazardous Waste to see what else you can take to the Recycling Centre for safe disposal. FREE
Plant pots Can be recycled into new pots and other plastic products. FREE
Polystyrene Can be recycled into other plastic products like “faux wood” architraves, decorative mouldings, coat-hangers and picture frames. FREE
Motor oil Is an environmental contaminant. It can be recycled and reused as industrial burner oil, mould oil to help release products from their moulds (e.g. pressed metal products, concrete), bitumen based products, an additive in manufactured products, and re-refined base oil for use as a lubricant, hydraulic or transformer oil (Source: Dept of Agriculture, Water & The Environment). FREE
Refrigerated appliances Refrigerants inside fridges, freezers air-conditioning units items are harmful to the environment and need de-gassing before disposal / recycling. West Metro Recycling Centre de-gasses all refrigerated items before recycling. Click for fees and charges
Scrap metal Can be recycled into new products FREE
X-rays Contains silver, which can be extracted and reused The silver can then be reused for silver solder, jewellery, silver plating of utensils, electrical components and film manufacture. FREE


The WMRC also accepts towels and blankets, quality clothing, and sporting equipment for donation to local charities.

Can’t find your item listed here? Check Recycle Right’s A-Z list of what waste goes where.