Managing waste wisely

Waste Passes

Drop off a load of bulk or greenwaste for free with a Waste Pass.

What is a Waste Pass?

A Waste Pass is a discount voucher for bulk or green waste disposal at the West Metro Recycling Centre.  It replaces the old tip pass and is issued by some Member & Participating Council residents. If you qualify, it will be attached to the front of your Waste Calendar or you will receive it with your rates notice.

waste passes are attached to select WMRC council waste calendars

Each Waste Pass can only be used once. It allows you to drop off a small trailer load (about 1m³ which is equivalent to a 1.8m x 1.2m trailer filled to about 0.5m) of bulk or green waste at the West Metro Recycling Centre for free. To use it,  present it to the weighbridge attendant when you visit the West Metro Recycling Centre.

sample bulk waste pass

Do I qualify for a Waste Pass?

See table below to see if your council issues waste passes to the West Metro Recycling Centre.


Number & Type of Waste Pass issued for 2024/25

Town of Claremont 1 bulk; 1 green – attached to the front of your 2024/25 Waste Calendar
Town of Mosman Park 1 bulk; 1 green – attached to the front of your 2024/25 Waste Calendar
Shire of Peppermint Grove 2 bulk; 2 green – attached to your rates notice
City of Subiaco 1 bulk; 1 green – attached to a Subi waste flier – click here for details.
Town of Cottesloe N/A
Town of Cambridge **only available to certain residences without access to verge waste collection. Contact the Town directly

What qualifies as Bulk Waste?

sample bulk waste pass

Bulk waste can be defined as solid waste items that don’t fit or aren’t suitable for your landfill bin. Bulk waste does not include liquids, household hazardous waste, asbestos, explosives, flammables, pharmaceuticals or chemical waste. Visit our specialist recycling page for details on how to dispose of these items safely.

What qualifies as Green Waste?

Green waste includes garden waste that can be processed into mulch. This includes tree prunings, leaf litter, tree stumps, flowers, palm fronds, twigs and lawn clippings. It does not include timber fencing, treated timber products, soil or sand, as these are considered bulk waste items and cost more than green waste to process.

How do I use my Waste Pass?

Present it to the weighbridge attendant when you visit the West Metro Recycling Centre.

Can I use a Waste Pass more than once?

No. Each Waste Pass can be used once.

What if I lose / use my Waste Passes before the end of the financial year – can I get more?

No. Waste Passes are only issued once a year, and the allocation you receive is your full allocation for the year. Similarly, Waste Passes cannot be replaced if you lose them. However, as a Member or Participating Council resident, you qualify for special discounted rates on your waste disposal all year round. See our special Member Council Fees and Charges page for details.

Can I exchange a Bulk Waste Pass for a Green Waste pass?

No, because Bulk Waste Passes and Green Waste Passes are priced differently.

Can I still use old Waste Passes?

Waste passes are valid until the end of July in the following financial year. For example the 2023/24 waste passes are valid until 31 July 2024.

Can I sell my Waste Pass if I don’t need it?

No. Waste Passes are not for resale.

I belong to a Member Council that doesn’t issue Waste Passes. What do I get?

Special discounted rates! As a Member Council of the Western Metropolitan Regional Council, you are entitled to new low Member Council rates for bulk and green waste disposal – see table below. Just bring your proof of residence. A full list of discounted fees and charges for disposal of other items can be found here.

But I’m not a Member or Participating Council resident. Can I get a Waste Pass?

No, but you you can dispose of bulk waste, green waste, construction waste and other items at the West Metro Recycling Centre at competitive rates. Visit our fees and charges page for details.


Contact us by email or call the Recycling Hotline (08) 9384 6711.