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Set out instructions

Set out instructions

Please read the set out requirements (we promise that this is the hardest part of the whole service):

  • Place items on verge no earlier than the Friday prior to a Monday collection (items can be placed out on Tuesday if the  Monday is a Public Holiday).
  • Nice and neat – see the image below for layout tips. Placing items into separate piles helps to improve recycling rates!
  • Make sure items placed on the verge align with items specified in the Verge Valet Mosman Park – Accepted Items.
  • If you have one item or a lot, we don’t mind, as long as the pile doesn’t exceed 3m3.
  • Non-compliance with the set out requirements might result in your items not being collected. It also puts you at risk of being fined for illegal dumping.
  • Location a bit tricky? Ring the Verge Valet Collection team on 6336 7223 and provide them with instructions on where the items will be located. Alternatively, include details under special instructions in the Collection Request Form.
  • This nifty service is for Mosman Park residents only. We plan to expand, so stay tuned.

How to Set Out Your Waste

How to set out your waste

Image c
ourtesy of City of Swan.

Bulk Household Waste

Accepted Items:* Items NOT ACCEPTED:
Household furniture (no glass) NO asbestos products
Bicycles NO paint
Bulky toys NO hazardous materials
Cardboard NO car oil and fuel
Small electrical goods NO flammable or corrosive liquids
Floor coverings (linoleum, carpet) NO batteries
Fencing materials (timber and steel only) NO glass panels (e.g. mirrors, tabletops, window panes)
Timber (not garden waste) NO tyres
Wire NO bricks, rubble or concrete
Flower pots and garden hoses NO building materials
Bulk polystyrene
Air conditioners
BBQ’s (not gas bottles)
E-waste (TVs, computers, accessories)
White goods (e.g. washing machines, dryers)
Fridges and Freezers (doors removed)
*Items larger than 1.5m long or 300mm wide will not be collected.

Green Waste

Accepted items:* Items NOT ACCEPTED:
Organic garden waste NO plastic bags (please do not put garden waste in plastic bags)
Leaves and grass clippings (in Council provided white bags)^ NO chemically treated or painted/stained timber
Palm fronds NO rocks, bricks and rubble
Tree branches NO dirt, soil or sand
Twigs NO flower pots or garden hoses**
Weeds NO household refuse
Flowers NO fencing materials**
*Items larger than 1.5 metres long or 300 mm wide will not be collected. NO building materials
NO lawn turf
NO asbestos products
**These items can be put out as part of a Bulk Waste Collection.

^White waste bags are available to purchase at the Town of Mosman Park Administration Office.

Questions? Call the Verge Valet Hotline on 9384 6711 or email