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Verge Valet

Verge Valet Help

What is Verge Valet?

Verge Valet provides residents of participating councils with year-round access to bulk and green waste collections at a time convenient to you. The service replaces the standard set-date bulk and green waste collections that were previously offered by the councils.  For more information, select your Council’s Verge Valet brochure:

Town of Cambridge brochure

Town of Cottesloe brochure

Town of Mosman Park brochure

Shire of Peppermint Grove brochure

How do I book a verge collection?

Bookings can be made online via “Make a Booking” tab at the top of the page. Should you need assistance in completing the online form, please call the Verge Valet and Recycling Hotline on 9384 6711.

What items can I put out for Verge Valet?

You can find a comprehensive list of what can and cannot be put out for your Verge Valet collection here.

Items that are not accepted through Verge Valet may be accepted at the West Metro Recycling Centre (fees may apply).

How far in advance do I need to book?

Bookings need to be made by the Thursday before your collection date.  Collections are scheduled for Mondays in Mosman Park, Cottesloe and Peppermint Grove.

Collections are scheduled for Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Cambridge (depending on which zone you live in, which can be found in Step 3 of the booking process).

The next six available dates are displayed on the Booking Request Form when you make your booking. Collection dates will be removed from the booking form once exhausted.

How can I change or cancel my booking?

We get it, life happens. You can change, cancel, or postpone your booking up to one  business day before your collection date. Simply complete the Change, Cancel or Contact form. Or phone the Verge Valet Collection Team on 6336 7223. Please give at least one business day’s notice or you will lose your collection allocation.

What collection services can I book using Verge Valet?

Verge Valet is at your service, you can choose a date that suits you for your collection on the Collection Request Form.

Your council has set an allocation of Verge Valet collections – both bulk waste and green waste – that you are entitled to each financial year. Click on make a booking and select your council to find out your allocation.



How do I make sure that the items are recycled?

Verge Valet is intended for items that can no longer be used. If you have items that can still be used, please consider your local Facebook Buy Nothing page, online selling sites like Gumtree or a charity collection instead. If you set out your items in neat piles according to the set out instructions you will help us recycle as much as we can.  All of the green waste and and as much as possible of the materials in the bulk waste are recovered.  Mattresses, e-waste and white goods are recycled by specialists and fridges etc are safely de-gassed.

My question is not listed here

If you have a general question about Verge Valet you can contact us on 9384 6711 or

If you have another specific query, check the Supplementary FAQs to see if your question is answered there.

If you  want to make a change to your booking, or need to find out how many collections you have left, please contact us through this form: Change, Cancel or Contact form