Accepted Items

Accepted Items

Please refer to the table below that outlines what items are accepted / not accepted as part of the Verge Valet service. Alternatively, click Verge Valet – Accepted Items for a downloadable format of this information.

Please note that your waste allowance is 3m x 1m x1m (see image below). Please abide by this allowance to avoid attracting a fine.

How much waste can I put out

Bulk Household Waste

Accepted Items:* Items NOT ACCEPTED:
Household furniture (no glass) NO asbestos products
Bicycles NO paint
Bulky toys NO hazardous materials
Small electrical goods NO car oil and fuel
Floor coverings (linoleum, carpet) NO flammable or corrosive liquids
Fencing materials (timber and steel only) NO batteries
Timber (not garden waste) NO vehicles, car bodies and car parts
Wire NO tyres
Flower pots and garden hoses NO building materials
Bulk polystyrene NO brick, rubble and concrete
Air conditioners NO glass panels (eg mirrors, tabletops, window panes)
BBQ’s (not gas bottles)
E-waste (TVs, computers, accessories)
White goods (washing machines, dryers)
Fridges and freezers (doors removed)
*Items larger than 1.5m long or 300mm wide will not be collected.

Green Waste

Accepted items:* Items NOT ACCEPTED:
Organic garden waste NO plastic bags (please do not put garden waste in plastic bags)
Leaves and grass clippings (in white bags provided by Council) NO chemically treated or painted/stained timber
Palm fronds NO rocks, bricks and rubble
Tree branches NO dirt, soil and sand
Twigs NO flower pots and garden hoses**
Weeds NO household refuse
Flowers NO fencing materials**
*Items larger than 1.5 metres long or 300 mm wide will not be collected. NO building materials
NO lawn turf
NO asbestos products
**These items can be collected as part of your bulk household waste collection.

Please ensure that your waste is appropriately laid out, as depicted in the picture below and doesn’t exceed the 3m x 1m x 1m limit:

How to set out your waste

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