Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Verge Valet?

Verge Valet provides Mosman Park residents with year-round access to bulk and green waste collections at a time convenient to you. The service replaces the standard set-date bulk waste collections that were previously offered in the Town of Mosman Park.

How do I book a verge collection?

Bookings can be made online via the link below. Should you need assistance in completing this online form, please call the Verge Valet and Recycling Hotline on 9384 6711.


Verge Valet Mosman Park

Book Now

How far in advance do I need to book?

Bookings need to be made by the Thursday (i.e. a minimum of 4 days) before your collection date.  All collections are scheduled for a Monday (except for Public Holidays, when it will be collected on a Tuesday). The next five available dates are displayed on the Verge Valet Collection Request Form.

Oops! How can I change or cancel my booking?

We all know circumstances change. Our online Customer Service Form allows you to change, alter or cancel your booking. Please submit the form (2) two working days before your scheduled pick-up. In most cases, that would be the Thursday before your Monday pick-up.

What collection services can I book using Verge Valet?

Verge Valet is at your service. Mosman Park residents are eligible to book the following verge collection services each financial year:

What services can I book?

Please review the accepted items for more information on what can and can not be accepted.

I live in a unit/apartment. Am I eligible for Verge Valet?

If your apartment complex is 25 units or fewer, that have access to a designated safe collection location, you can book by submitting a Verge Valet Collection Request.

For apartments complexes that are larger than 25 units, or ones that don’t have a suitable collection location, a Verge Valet Booking Form – over 25 unit complexes will need to be lodged by your building’s managing agent or by a nominated contact person. 

I rent the property I live in. Am I eligible?

Yes, the service is available to all eligible residences in Mosman Park.

I’ve made my booking. When do I put my items out for collection?

Mosman Park collections are scheduled every Monday (excluding Public Holidays, when collection will be scheduled for the Tuesday). Collections can begin from 6am on the date of your collection, so it is recommended that items be placed on the verge the day before your collection day. Your materials should be placed out no earlier than 1-2 days before your scheduled collection date. Prior to collection, please note  that you are responsible for any items you place on the verge.

By placing your items out in the allocated time period, you are ensuring your items remain neat on the verge. This minimises disruption and allows your items to be delivered promptly to recycling and sorting facilities. If items are placed out more than two weeks in advance, you will be asked to remove the items. You also run the risk of not having your items collected and being fined for illegal dumping.

How do I set out my verge items for collection?

Please place your items neatly on your verge. Depending on the service you have booked, it is important to sort your waste into separate piles. This assists our Verge Valet collectors, who use different trucks, to pick up the different sorts of waste. This reduces contamination and maximises what can be recycled, reducing the quantity of waste going to landfill.

A guide to separating different types of verge items is shown below:

How to set out your waste

What items can I put out for collection?

This depends on the type of collection you have booked (bulk waste or green waste). Please see the Verge Valet Mosman Park – Accepted Items for more details.

When booking, please remember to select the items that you will be placing on the verge, as this allows us to send the correct collection truck according to the waste type. While you can book a green waste and bulk waste collection for the same time, please note that this will use up both a bulk waste and green waste allocation.

How much waste can I put out?

Your bulk and/or green waste pile should not exceed three (3) cubic metres per pile. A pile that is larger than this will NOT be collected. Please refer to the graphic below that outlines the acceptable allocated size.

How much waste can I put out

Image courtesy City of Swan. 

What if I need to change an existing booking?

We know! Life circumstances change. Our simple online Customer Service Form allows you to cancel or alter your booking up to 2 working days before your booked collection. Simple as that!

What can I do with items that are not accepted by the Verge Valet service?

Items like tyres, glass, asbestos and household hazardous waste (such as paint, gas bottles, batteries, chemicals and flammable liquids) CANNOT be accepted through Verge Valet. These items can be dropped off at the West Metro Recycling Centre, located on the corner of Brockway Road and Lemnos Street Shenton Park. Fees and charges may apply. To find out more, please call the Verge Valet Hotline Service on 9384 6711 or read the Accepted Items list at the West Metro Recycling Centre.

Why were my verge items not collected?

There are several reasons why your items may have not been collected. Was the pile placed on your verge too big? Was the pile accessible?  Did you put your bulk waste out too early / too late? Was your bulk waste pile contaminated with non-acceptable items?

If any of these reasons apply, you will receive a notice in your letterbox outlining:

  • why your waste wasn’t collected;
  • instructions on what to do next;
  • details of who you can contact; and
  • a timeline for return collection.

For more information, call the Verge Valet Hotline on 9384 6711.

Is there a minimum amount that I need to put out?

No. Whether you have one item or a range of items, Verge Valet can cater to your requirements. Just ensure that the items are within the list of acceptable items and don’t exceed the allowable limit. When putting an item out for collection, please ensure that it is clearly visible to our Verge Valet Collection Team. You can do this by including location details in the Special Instructions section on the booking form. Please also specify the waste type you are putting out, so we can send the right truck to collect, recycle or safely dispose of your goods.

I have limited access at my property. Where do I put out my items?

If you don’t have a verge, or have limited access to the property, select the appropriate response in the Pick Up Location section on the online booking form. Then, provide specific details in the Special Instructions section of the booking form to specify where your items will be located. You can also call the Verge Valet Collection Team on 6336 7223 to discuss an alternative pick up point.

I don’t live in Mosman Park. Can I book Verge Valet for my residence?

Not just yet, however we plan to expand! Right now, Verge Valet is only for Mosman Park residents.

What can I do with items that are too good to dispose of?

Keep items in circulation by giving them a new home. If you think your item(s) may be of use to someone else, then consider the following alternatives:

  • Sell or advertise your item on local websites such as Gumtree, eBay and Facebook.
  • Join social media pages such as Buy Nothing Mosman Park – North or South to buy, sell or pay it forward.
  • Contact your local charity by visiting
  • Take part in the annual Garage Sale Trail which runs in October. This is Australia’s biggest national re-use event.

Is Verge Valet available to commercial properties?

Verge Valet is not available to businesses. If you’re a business, the West Metro Recycling Centre in Shenton Park offers disposal services. For more information, call the Recycling Centre on 9384 2544.

What if I cannot carry my items out to the verge?

If you are unable to lift heavy items by yourself, it is advisable to arrange for a friend, neighbour or family member to assist with placing items onto the verge prior to your scheduled collection. If this isn’t possible, please call the Verge Valet Collection Team on 6336 7223 and we may be able to assist.

Why do I need to remove doors from fridges and freezers?

To ensure the safety of others, please remove the doors from fridges and freezers, and place them adjacent to the appliance for collection.