Managing waste wisely

Recycle Right

Recycling Rules have changed. Why?

In an effort to reduce contamination and improve WA’s recycling rates, what goes into your yellow-lidded bin has now changed.

Make sure you Recycle Right.
Make sure you Recycle Right.


So, what can go in your yellow-lidded recycling bin?

These recycling changes are for all councils in the Perth Metropolitan Area.

Where to get more information

Brochure – Are you a Three Bin Superhero?

Recycle Rules WA Fact Sheet

Recycle Rules Poster

Recycle Rules brochure

Recycle Right

Recycling is a simple way that everyone can help the environment. Using recycled materials involves less energy and resources than using virgin materials. Find out more about the Recycle Right campaign brought to you by the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council.

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