Managing waste wisely

Lower fees for Member Councils

We are pleased to announce that WMRC will be decreasing its greenwaste gate fees for Member Councils by up to 30 percent as from 1 May 2019.  Member Council greenwaste will be accepted at just $35+GST per tonne; and GO Bin waste at $40+GST per tonne.

We’ll also be providing a dividend to Councils and residents in the form of free mulch available at the West Metro Recycling Centre with our first deliveries expected soon.  It’s the Circular Economy in action – Member Councils and residents source separate greenwaste, it’s delivered to us for stockpiling, collected for processing by our contractor, and returned to Member Councils and residents in the form of mulch.

Having decreased our gate fees for Member Council general waste at the beginning of this year, we hope to announce a further decrease in the gate fee soon.

Prices for residents delivering greenwaste remain unchanged at this stage.  But watch this space!

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