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How to be plastic free this Plastic Free July

Take the Plastic Free July challenge with us!

Plastic Free July is here and the WMRC has put together some Plastic Free Pledges so that you can reduce your single-use plastic. Below are some plastic-free solutions we’ve brainstormed to help you on your journey.

Plastic Pledge: Plastic Free Solution:
Avoid take-away food containers When you place your take out order ask if you can bring along your own containers. Most places are usually supportive and more than happy to accommodate!
Stop buying coffee with ‘take-away cups’ There are so many great takeaway coffee cup options. Some of our favourites are:

Or why not have your coffee and dine in?!

Cheese [without plastic]!


Beeswax wraps are a great option for your cheese. Look for cheese in wax (as wax is compostable). Take your own container to buy your cheese in. Ask for your cheese to be wrapped in paper (instead of plastic). Check out the Subi Farmers market to get your cheese plastic free.
Find meat and fish without plastic wrap packaging


Find out who your local butcher or delicatessen is. Call ahead and ask if you can take your own containers when you purchase your meat, fish and/or cheese. Use a container you already have at home or check out silicone alternatives, such as a Stasher.
Say ‘No’ to plastic straws


When you order your juice, smoothie or cocktail ask what type of straws your café/bar uses. If its plastic, go without! Alternatively, there are many stainless straw options around.
Avoid fruit and vegetables packaged in plastic and stop using plastic bags for loose fruit and veg


Take your own fruit and vegetable produce bags. Onya or ecobags are great options. You can make your own from old curtains or pillowcases. Otherwise, pack your fruit and veg loose in the trolley.
Reduce glad wrap use Your beeswax wrap is a great alternative to glad wrap! Check out our beeswax wrap recipe on our Reduce Food Waste Fact Sheet.
Use beeswax wraps for covering food You can also use a plate over your food.

For more hints, tips and tricks to help you along on your plastic free journey check out the Plastic Free July Website.

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