Managing Waste Wisely.

Electronic Waste

Under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTRS), you can drop off televisions and computers, including printers, computer parts and peripherals at the West Metro Recycling Centre for free.

What’s included?

Item Type
TVs All types, including CRTs (cathode ray tubes – old fashioned box TVs); LCDs, flat panels
Computers All types, including PCs, laptops/notebooks, tablets/palmtops
Monitors & projectors CRT monitors and projectors; LCD / flat panel monitors
Printers and multi-functional devices (MFDs) Including toner and ink cartridges from models where they cannot be removed, scanners, photocopiers, fax-machines
Computer peripherals power supplies and adaptors, cables, parts and accessories, eg. mouse, keyboards, hard-drives, circuit boards, CD drives, floppy drives, UPS systems

What’s not included?

Items that are not computer or TV-related, including old phones, fans, vacuum cleaners, cameras, household appliances.

What can I do with my other electronic waste?

There are other ways to get rid of unwanted electrical items not covered by the NTRS. Ask yourself:

Does it still work? Donate it to charity or post it on Buy Nothing. Check out our page of reuse avenues to see which charities accept electronic items.
Can it be repaired? Take it to a licensed electronic repairer, or if battery-operated, try your local Repair Lab or a Repair Cafe
Is it mostly metal? broken metal appliances like microwaves, kettles, dishwashers, washing machines can be dropped off for free at the West Metro Recycling Centre as scrap metal.
Is it a refrigerated item? old air conditioners, fridges and freezers can be dropped off at the West Metro Recycling Centre for safe de-gassing and recycling. A de-gassing fee is charged.
Is it mostly plastic? broken plastic appliances can be dropped off at the West Metro Recycling Centre as bulk waste. Or, save for a Verge Valet (host councils only) or bulk verge waste collection. Never put electronic waste in your kerbside bin. It contains environmentally toxic materials.

Never put electronic waste in any bin! Take it to the West Metro Recycling Centre or your local drop off point.


Call the Recycling Hotline 9384 6711.