Managing Waste Wisely.

Accepted Items – Free & For a Fee

To help you manage your waste wisely, the West Metro Recycling Centre accepts a wide range of items for general recycling, specialist recycling and safe disposal. Some items can be accepted for free and others require a fee.

What’s accepted for FREE*?

In all instances e-waste and Household Hazardous Waste can be dropped off at the West Metro Recycling Centre for free (<20kg / 20L). All other items listed in the FREE*drop off items  table can also be dropped off by Member Councils and Participating Council residents at no cost.

Non-member Council residents are subject to a $25 entry fee in most circumstances.

What requires a fee?

Certain items require a fee for recycling or disposal by all residents. Fees vary depending on whether you live in a Member Council, Participating Council or non-member Council. See Fee table below for items requiring a fee or go to our Fees and Charges page for associated costs.

FREE* drop off items

*for Member and Participating Council members only. See note above.


Aluminium & Steel Cans clean and empty
Bicycles as a drop-off for Dismantle, bikes beyond repair will go to scrap metal.
Clothing quality
Cardboard flattened with tape removed please
E-Waste TVs, computers, mobile phones, electronics and accessories
Glass bottles and jars clean and empty
Household Hazardous Waste including batteries, globes, fire-extinguishers, flares, gas bottles, household chemicals, motor oil, paint, scrap metal, smoke detectors and more…
Plastic plant pots empty, no seedling trays please. If you need some pots, help yourself!
Paper not shredded
Plastic bottles and containers clean and empty, lids off
Polystyrene bulk, no food containers or pellets
Sporting goods as a drop-off point for Fair Game, we accept clean, quality used sporting equipment for remote communities and kids in need.
Stationery – home or office as a drop-off point for Give Write, we accept all types of stationery for kids in need – everything except ring binders and lever arch files please
Scrap metal including  old metal BBQs, broken washing machines and tumble-dryers.
X-rays please remove from envelopes


Visit fees and charges page for specific fees.

Conditions / Types

Asbestos asbestos requires careful handling. Please follow our guidelines before bringing asbestos sheets to the Recycling Centre
Bulk Waste including broken furniture, treated timbers, etc.Qualify for Verge Valet? You can book a bulk waste collection! Waste passes
Construction and Demolition Waste asphalt, bricks, concrete, pavers, tiles and sand
Greenwaste garden prunings (excluding lawn clippings), weeds, tree stumps. Qualify for Verge Valet? You can book a green waste collection!
Mattresses bed bases accepted at additional cost. Eg. mattress cost + bed base cost = total cost. Charges vary based on membership status, so visit our fees and charges page to see which fee applies to you. Unsure? Call our Recycling Hotline 9384-6711.
Refrigerated Appliances fridges, freezers, air-conditioning units. A de-gassing fee applies. See fees and charges .
Tyres car, bike, truck – different rates for different sizes. See fees and charges.

Fees and Charges

Entry Fee –  $25 entry fee applies to non-Member council residents.

Prices for fee items vary depending on  See our fees and charges page for details.

Waste Passes

Some Councils provide their residents with greenwaste or bulk waste passes. Find out more here.